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River City Obedience Training, established in 1986, provides dog training and dog behavior counseling in Omaha Nebraska and surrounding communities. I offer a common sense dog training program with a very important difference. I stress the use of humane, yet tested and reliable methods, with emphasis on educating the owner in “how dogs learn”. Dog training is structured with a strong accent on using positive motivational methods, but is flexible enough to employ the most useful of traditional techniques to best suit the temperaments of individual dogs. No one method works for every dog or situation. This balanced approach means you can train your dog, or modify dog behavioral issues, without unnecessary harshness.

The reason most of us have dogs is because we enjoy their company -- or would like to.  Why not maximize that enjoyment with a dog that is well-mannered and obedient?  An unruly dog is not much fun to be around!  The better behaved a dog is, the less stressful it is for the owner, resulting in the dog being allowed more privileges.  He is able to participate fully in family life and to truly reach his potential as “man’s best friend”.  Happy owner, happy dog!

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My goal is to enhance the dog and owner relationship by helping owners achieve the harmony and satisfaction of living with a well-mannered, obedient dog. This is accomplished through training, respect and mutual understanding.

I feature individualized dog training sessions conducted in your home. This offers many benefits besides convenience. Not only is your dog less stressed with in-home dog training, initially he will have no outside distractions.  This allows you to optimize your dog’s potential for learning.  Later, as your dog understands what’s expected of him, to test his reliability, we will want to train in many locations and introduce a variety of distractions. 

Your dog’s behavior is evaluated and an analysis is made of all pertinent factors, including your goals and relationship with your dog, behavioral issues and any communication problems. Training is customized with this in mind.  Commitment doesn’t end with the completion of training. I also follow up with lifetime support.

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